Dog Gone Gorgeous
1032 Turnpike Suite 103
Canton, MA 02021

Pet Grooming & Bathing in Canton, Massachusetts

When you want the best in pet grooming and bathing services, turn to Dog Gone Gorgeous in Canton, Massachusetts. We offer dog and cat grooming at our dog and cat grooming salon, and we specialize in grooming all breeds of cats and dogs.

Complete Grooming Experience

We customize every grooming session to your specific needs. We specialize in geriatric and hard to handle pets. We frequently have success with pets that have been turned away from other shops.

We start our grooming session by checking your pet for issues or health concerns to bring to your attention. Each session can include any combination of our services, which include:
  • Bathing
  • Hair Cuts
  • Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming

All pet bathing includes two, top of the line shampoos tailored to your pet's specific needs, finishing up with a conditioner. Our shop features two step-up and walk-in, stainless steel tubs to give your pet a less stressful experience. A spritz of cologne, bandanas, or pretty bows get your pet ready to go home.

Custom Treatments

For cats, we apply and reapply soft caps for cat nails to protect your furniture from unwanted scratching. We offer breed-specific scissoring, with experience in all breeds. We also offer custom styling. Limited hand stripping is available by appointment for sporting dogs only.

Additional Services

  • Medicated Shampoos
  • Flea/Tick Treatment
  • Nail Grinding
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Anal Glands (excluded from package)
  • De-Skunking
  • Oatmeal Shampoo Treatment
  • De-Matting
Add-on Services:
  • Buy one, get one half off.
  • Buy 2 and get one free.